Can’t go back to sleep?

Light sleeper since you had your darling kids? Wake up at 4 am? Still restless two hours later?

Feel as groggy & grumpy as the Grinch on a daily basis…or scatterbrained until you’ve had your coffee? Blame it on age & hormones? You accept it as the new norm. It’s like that toy that runs slower when low on battery. It’s not normal! You put new batteries in, and whoa, it runs so well! That’s how you should be.

You’re tired of band-aid solutions like sleeping pills, melatonin, natural sleep remedies, typical sleep meditations, and most of all, the EXHAUSTION.

There’s a surprisingly easy solution! What actually works is a gentle, simple technique. It re-wires you to become a good sleeper again.


May cause a happier marriage, less shouting at your kids, time to actually focus on you & your career, more control of your day, a longer life, increased energy, more zen moments, a better mood, a sense of achievement, creativity, higher productivity, less cravings, less health issues, weight loss, better memory, reduced aging, and clear thinking!

I used to struggle going back to sleep every night

I’ve battled with sleep for a long time, especially with 2 tiny people in my house. On the rare occasion when everyone slept well, I should’ve been celebrating the best sleep ever. But I was stuck in the habit of waking up! And, I couldn’t turn my brain off!

I have genes that process neurotransmitters verrrry slowly, meaning any time I get stimulated, it takes me a long time to wind down.

I’ve paid for sleep programs, specialists, healers, homeopathic sleep remedies & used lots of essential oils.

In helping people get healthier – in eating, stress reduction, & enhanced sleep, we work on shifting mindset so that change becomes as easy as brushing your teeth. Then, lightbulb moment! I realized I actually have all of the tools I need to get myself to sleep better. So, I created something that I knew could work on me (especially with my genes) using thee best techniques!

I tried it first with close family & friends, then clients. Success! And faster than I expected, too!

This is the one program I would’ve wanted, especially because it’s so simple &  gets you sleeping better in a few days!

What is Simply Sleep?

The simple & secret techniques to get you sleeping better are in the meditations. Yep, the mind can be trained the most when it is relaxed!

If meditation is not your thing, don’t worry, you just need to listen. After ~5 days, you won’t need them anymore. Here’s what the guided meditations look like:

  1. Day Training – for a powerful mind reset, using the science of neuroplasticity, also used in hypnotherapy. This 11 minute meditation is where the magic happens!
  2. Before Bed – reinforces what you learn above. It helps you fall asleep easier, even if this wasn’t an issue for you. Your subconscious is still hearing it all!
  3. Back to Sleep – Makes it much easier to quiet your mind and simply sleep again!

You’ll receive the Top Sleep Habits. You’ll also get a sleep journal so you can be more aware of what’s ruining your sleep!

$29.97 / 23£ / 1000 Rs / 27 €

Sleeping well again is more than worth it. Click below. 

Kerry Elliott

I was very skeptical at first…what an incredible feeling, that something this simple can have such a huge effect.

- Kerry Elliott
Sophie Le Brozec

When I wake up I am able to fall back asleep quickly and easily, without even the use of the “fall back to sleep” meditation now.  I massively recommend this course for anyone who has any issues with sleep.

- Sophie Le Brozec
Rebecca Smith

Now I have all the tools I need to ensure a good night’s sleep and a far more energetic start to the new day!

- Rebecca Smith

Why is Sleep so Important?

Well, first, it’s good to think straight. Studies show that continuous lack of sleep equates to the cognitive impairment of a blood alcohol level of 1%! In other words, it’s sometimes more dangerous to drive a car sleep deprived than when drinking!

Another is sex. Even a 2015 study found out that a woman’s sex drive directly correlated with how much deep sleep she gets. Great motivation, partners & husbands for your ladies to get more zzz’s!

Lack of sleep creates more stress hormones. These hormones also break down skin collagen, causing aging. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.

Proper sleep heals your body, gets rid of toxins, reduce cravings & regulates your weight. Sleep improves memory, affects your mood, productivity, creativity & overall health.

How do you know if Simply Sleep is right for you?

This program is for you if youThis program is NOT for you if you
wake up at night & struggle to get back to sleepdespise guided meditation
can’t relax your mind & fall asleep easilydon’t want to learn tips and tricks to sleeping better naturally
have poor quality sleepdon’t want to invest 11 mins/day on better sleep (for approx 5 days)

There’s no better time than now to start feeling more energized

More Info on Simply Sleep

The first day of training is about 30 mins. After, the day training meditation is typically all that’s needed. It’s 11 minutes and totally worth the peace, and the sleep!

It takes effect on day 1, cumulatively gets better, and is very efficient in terms of rewiring your brain quickly!

When you click to access the program, you can sample a snippet of how the meditation sounds

Your Sleep Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you buy this program, and you’re still not sleeping better or it just doesn’t resonate with you, I don’t want you to waste your money. You will receive a refund, in exchange for tell me why it didn’t work and what you would suggest to improve it.

Note: If you want to pay in Mauritius Rs via bank transfer/juice rather than Paypal on the site, kindly email me at

As if you went to a beautiful island, slept in the most comfortable bed, with no one waking you up!

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