DNA Test in Mauritius

Change your health’s destiny!
Learn & even influence how your genes work!

Yes, you can actually change how your genes work. Nutrigenomics is the study of changing the expression of your genes by your food & lifestyle, to improve your health, weight & longevity. You can understand this all by a simple cheek swab of your DNA. It is invaluable to know how to revitalize your health and energy in such a personalized way!

What you think is “healthy” may be bad for your body, but good for others. Your genetic blueprint helps you understand what food, lifestyle & even weight loss techniques are right for you.

It does NOT tell you disease risks that you have no control over, but it does tell you where your predisposed risks are. It also links to the likely root cause of your symptoms, all of which CAN be influenced by lifestyle & food changes.

Who is the test for? 2 types:

1. For those who have recurring health problems or injuries and can’t figure out the root cause. Your genetic profile can indicate which pathway in the body needs help to function well and could often be contributing to your current issues and symptoms.

2. Healthy people who want to live a longer & healthier life. The results tell you what you can do to enhance your health, exercise, & weight even further.

This is not just any genetic test. This test compiles a thoroughly researched combination of genetic variants.

You can refer back to the DNA report any time you are facing a health issue, as the recommendations in the report often fix the root cause. Handy for life!

Your genes can tell you how your body reacts

Heart attack risk

How many cups of coffee can your body handle to minimize heart attack risk.

Blood pressure

If your blood pressure increases with salt. Note, only applies to -50% of people.


If you’re more prone to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, low pain tolerance.

Ability to handle toxins

Your ability to handle toxins like cigarettes or chargrilled foods and related susceptibility to certain diseases.

Diet & food

Which diet & food suits you best.

Sports training

Which type of sports training enhances performance for your body type.

Included is one consultation with Health Coach & Nutritional Genomics Practitioner, Lindsay Kassem giving you recommendations & also a one page summary of the best suggestions that you can do for health. This bridges everything together addressing your genes, preferences, goals, current lifestyle, and symptoms. It also reflects the below ways of changing the expression of your genes.
  • Reduce aging by modifying a few key foods
  • Change the way you eat to reduce likelihood of getting diabetes & heart disease. The recommended diet varies depending on your genes & potential root cause
  • Change how you exercise to optimise your fitness & brain health
  • Reduce your risks to certain cancers by changing exposure to certain types of environmental toxins
  • Learn which supplements your body would most benefit from
  • Enhance fertility & hormonal health by changing a few key elements in your lifestyle
How does it work ?
1. Request DNA kit
2. Pay (details below)
3. Receive report
4. Schedule consultation
What do you get out of it?

One report covering the below areas:

  1. Diet, weight, exercise, sex hormones
  2. Brain & heart health
  3. Injury susceptibility
  4. How well you burn fat
  5. How well you process certain nutrients
  6. How your major pathways are likely to function (i.e. root causes of most diseases): inflammation. oxidative stress. methylation, & detoxification

…And most importantly, a consultation & a one page summary of recommendations that bridge your genetic results with your current symptoms & lifestyle. Note, I will ask you to fill out a health overview form that gives me the other piece of the puzzle to give you the best recommendations.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this DNA test can help you get healthier & also what the report looks like, view this video here. It’s 16 minutes.

Payment details

Price: 17,000 Rs / $495.  Takes up to 6 weeks for collecting, shipping, processing, analyzing and producing report.

2,000 Rs / $59 additional to receive report in 3 weeks.

Please email healthuptoday@gmail.com for confirmation and transfer payment to Lindsay Bridgens Kassem MCB 000162743491 with your first name as reference.


Note: It’s a quick swab of the cheek, 30 seconds each side, without drinking, eating,smoking or chewing gum 60 minutes before.

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