This 6 week program gives you the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time. You will get the most value out of these sessions. I have many clients requesting additional sessions, moving to the 6 months program, and I also have clients that will continue seeing me indefinitely for coaching related to stress management and further nutritional advice and this is absolutely fine!

I no longer offer stand alone consultations outside the set programs, unless you are already a client. The reason is because the value I want to deliver to you is much more comprehensive and profound as a package rather than in just one appointment. It’s similar to a course; one class doesn’t provide the necessary training that the whole course does. You will see. Many have come to me because they were given a program from one consultation from someone else that they simply and understandably could not sustain following. My packages are the minimum needed to ensure success!

Each follow up consultation hour is 2,300 Rs / $69 / £50 by phone and 2,900 Rs in person.

Check out a few client testimonials.

Please contact me if you are interested at healthuptoday@gmail.com or +230 5919-4770