This program moves you up in energy, overall health, & life satisfaction.

Many feel like a new person after the program is finished, with ways to sustain it going forward.

I also have clients requesting additional sessions  and others that will continue seeing me indefinitely for coaching related to stress management, which is absolutely fine!

A DNA test can give a lot of insight into one’s genetic vulnerabilities. Once addressing these root cause areas, many symptoms of ANY nature are often reduced.

As I generally help with IBS, fatigue, allergies, food intolerances, pre-diabetes, weight management, hormonal imbalances, I refer out treating other specific conditions like kidney issues, and cancer to other practitioners.

However, many people with auto-immune disorders have benefited greatly by following my Mind-Body Reset Program.

I no longer offer stand alone consultations outside the Mind Body Reset Program, Hormone Test, & DNA tests, unless you are already a client.

The reason is because the value I want to deliver to you is much more comprehensive and profound as a package rather than in just one appointment. It’s similar to a course; one class doesn’t provide the necessary training that the whole course does. You will see.

Many have come to me because they were given a program from one consultation from someone else that they simply and understandably could not sustain following. The Mind-Body Reset program is the minimum needed to ensure success!

Each follow up consultation hour is  $125  /  5375 Rs

Check out a few client testimonials.

Please contact me if you are interested at healthuptoday@gmail.com or +230 5919-4770

Have a look at my home page: https://www.healthuptoday.com/, under programs. I am always taking new trainings and updating/adding new things.

  • Fasting Course with Dr. Karen Hartzenberg
  • DNA Testing
  • HypnoBirthing Course
  • Hormone testing
    • The DUTCH test (https://dutchtest.com/product/dutch-plus/). It’s the most comprehensive hormone test on the market. It assesses your sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), your adrenals (your hormone levels as a response to stress), impact on sleep, weight, how well you’re detoxifying, and your oxidative stress, etc. Once we have these results, you’ll be guided on how to shift these to a much better balance.