How can health coaching help you?

It is NOT to give you a diet plan and send you on your way. Maybe you’ve received good advice but you need more support to actually sustain it. Or you need to know what’s really healthy & what’s not. And especially for YOUR body. You want it to not seem so hard to make healthy changes. It needs to be worth it.

Health Coaches are well versed in the nutrition field and can help you sort through all of the conflicting advice to find the best nourishment for YOUR body.  We’re armed with coaching techniques that help  you find the best sustainable changes that set YOU up for success to Health Up i.e. to enhance your health & your happiness.

In most cases, it’s not only about the food. Sometimes it’s our relationship with food. Other times it’s stress in general.

The majority of us who have struggled with weight or ANY health issue have room for improvement in the mind department. There is absolutely a direct link between the body and the mind. Once we begin to release some constraints in the mind, everything becomes easier. It’s also much easier to eat well, and to be at a healthy weight.

Our relationship with food needs to be positive. It’s often a reflection of everything else in our life. We’ll get rid of the fight that goes on in there about food. You will learn to actually want more of the healthy foods. You’ll also have a more positive self image & relationship with yourself.

I do not work like a psychologist in the sense that we dig through history. I use several lifestyle coaching methods, which are efficient in moving you from a stressful thought/feeling/memory into a positive perspective and will give you the ability to resolve and minimize the issues, for GOOD.

Your path is different than anyone else. Let’s make this path brighter for you!

I have successfully  helped those wanting to lose weight, gain weight, those with allergies, diabetes, pre-diabetes, a variety of gastro complications such as diverticulitis & IBS, anemia, haemochromatosis, hypothyroidism, nutrition while pregnant, eating for fertility, eating disorders, and also those that are highly stressed, anxious, can’t sleep well, or have adrenal burn-out, etc. As a health coach, I cannot diagnose or prescribe medicine, but I can help inform, educate, advise, coach and support you on the best ways to enhance your health.

If you’re getting health coached :), you will…

  • have more control of your health & life – full empowerment!
  • learn how to make healthy food more interesting
  • crave more of what’s healthy & drop the temptation for chips, crisps, and ice-cream
  • be more motivated to be healthy without feeling like you’re on a diet
  • look in the mirror and smile at your body
  • enhance your energy – you’ll feel lighter
  • get closer to your ideal weight
  • have more zen moments – feel more balanced and at peace with yourself
  • achieve other specific health/medical goals through the process