HypnoBirthing in Mauritius

Within you, is the natural ability to bring your baby into this world peacefully. As your body was designed.

You’ll learn what to do and how to relax. This applies to your husband too! Your partner will learn his role. He’ll be more empowered, relaxed, and involved.

Taking birth off your worries list is a huge sigh of relief.

You’ll be able to enjoy your pregnancy more. You’ll connect better to the little soul inside of you. And, you’ll have energy to handle what comes with being a new mom.

“If my mom is relaxed, I will be relaxed & come into this world smoothly” – Baby in utero

“I wish my mom would rest in the comfort of knowing that birth is a divine creation & process.

If she eats healthy, moves regularly, sleeps well, and is calm leading up to birth, it would be much easier for me to make my appearance when I’m ready.

I’m so ecstatic to come into this world and meet my parents… especially my mom. It’s going to be love at first sight! I can’t wait until she holds me for the first time. Oh, and to have some of that milk! I mean I’ve been waiting my whole life to have a few drops of this liquid gold. It’s going to make me so strong & healthy. I’m quite happy inside this little bubble of protection. I know the birthing process will be different, but I’m sure my mom will help me through this beautiful process by staying relaxed – that’s the most important thing. Once she’s relaxed, everything else will fall into place.

HypnoBirthing ® | A complete childbirth education course

Modern Myths vs. HypnoBirthing

Modern MythsHypnoBirthing Philosophy & Technique
Use of medical intervention and drugs are needed to ensure an easier & safer birthHealthy women are well designed to give birth naturally & in a more relaxed way, without interruptions or interventions that likely disturb the natural rhythm of birth for mom & baby
Birth is the most painful & difficult experience a human will endureSome cultures around the world expect that birth is an effortless transition into motherhood. Because of this mindset, it ends up being their experience. Why?...
The right beliefs OR the right techniques & practice can enable relaxation, which release endorphins (“feel good” hormones), known to naturally block pain.
Stress restricts oxygen and blood to the muscles needed for birth, tightening them. This reduces the baby’s supply of oxygen as well. On the other hand, relaxation ensures continuous oxygen & blood supply so the birthing muscles vitally function i.e. thin and open easily.
After a smoother birth, moms and babies are much more refreshed and alert!
Hypnosis is a technique that makes one lose control and puts them in a weird trance that most people can’t go into.Hypnosis is like a deep state of relaxation & presence that allows one to focus, yes FOCUS, on a desired outcome i.e. an easier and calmer birth, and reprogram the subconscious mind while in full control. The only thing close to a lack of control is a distortion of time, whereby a few hours will feel like much less.
We all go into hypnosis daily and just don’t realize it e.g. in between sleeping & waking, when engrossed in a book or social media, tuning out distractions.
Pain medicines will quickly rid pain and have no effect on the babyAccording to PubMed Health, studies show that any medication a woman uses during labor enters the baby’s bloodstream & the umbilical cord. Births are proven to take longer with women who have epidurals. Also, the CDC reports that women who have epidurals are more likely to be at risk for several complications.
If the mom is too “small” and/or baby is “big", she needs a C-sectionMom carries a baby just right for her size for natural birth if she is well nourished, happy, and hydrated.
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