About Me

Your DNA, stress levels, illnesses, and weight are not your destiny.

They just highlight where to focus so I can help you personally journey through the best, efficient, and long-lasting ways to radically shift your well-being.

I’ve been in low places and poor health and believe everyone has the right to feel good and vibrant.

Helping you with the best bespoke ways to be healthier & happier

Health Coaching: 4 pillars of Preventative Health

In my quest to improve my health and create more balance in my life, I moved from the Pharmaceutical Industry into Nutrition & Preventative Health.

I became a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York. There, I was trained in more than 150 diets. This and other courses also taught me more about the relationship between the mind and body and powered me with top lifestyle coaching methods.

I support people on their journey to enhancing their health.

Each person becomes better equipped to sort through their relationship with food. They end up feeling healthier, stronger, energetic, and better in front of that mirror. Losing weight is a side effect. So she is feeling confident and more relaxed.

I continue to study top nutritional science and motivational & mind-body techniques.

All of these help in the 4 pillars of preventative health: nutrition, stress reduction, good sleep, & movement.

Each time we make one of these healthy decisions, we are literally changing our gene expression, by the second!

Nutrigenomics – Changing your Genes!

For the longest time, I didn’t believe it mattered what someone’s genes are, as long as they live a healthy. I also thought DNA testing was just a fad.

I was wrong. Numerous studies show that different people have different weaknesses, and can offset them by their lifestyle. This turns on “good” genes and turns off the “bad” genes.

Knowing these vulnerabilities empowers you to know where to focus. Some examples below:

  • People with a certain genetic profile take fish oil and it will reduce inflammation and risk of heart disease, whereas others taking fish oil will not receive the same benefits.
  • If your body removes toxins quickly, you don’t need to have organic food at the top of your priority list.
  • If you’re likely to accumulate excess estrogens, there is a greater risk for breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer if you take birth control (n/men) or drink out of plastic bottles.
  • You may need more of certain nutrients than others, including ones from animal products, in order to reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. Essential to know for vegetarians.
  • Certain people have a greater heart attack risk when they drink caffeine.
  • Salt increases blood pressure for 50% of the population. Not everyone needs to watch their salt.
  • Some lose weight more easily than others. Knowing this helps you set realistic expectations.
Mind Matters

I didn’t believe any woo-woo stuff until researching quantum physics and seeing first-hand how quickly it works! Our minds have more power than we know.

Anxiety, fear, and anger have crippled me at certain points in my life. I’m very relieved to have found a mix of tools that ensured these were no longer a problem for myself & for my clients.

There are so many techniques to learn to think in a better way. For example, I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, using a scientifically proven approach, involving acupressure points & psychology of healing to eliminate negative emotions.

I teach HypnoBirthing ®, a childbirth education course with special tools on how a mama can achieve a natural un-medicated birth in a relaxed way using hypnotherapy. Yes, it’s very possible. It also eases a ton of fears during pregnancy! The mind-body connection continues to amaze me each day. I infuse many of the hypnotherapy techniques in my practice.

If you’re interested in enhancing your thought patterns and relieving yourself of anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions, click below.

Wherever you are, we can chat on video/phone calls… or in person if you are in Mauritius. Click below to get started.

My Story

In my 20’s, I felt like I was 80!

Pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, severe allergies, sinuses, adrenal burn-out, anxiety, anemia, fainting episodes, IBS, & herniated discs were some of the issues I had. Ugggh, I thought the ’20s were supposed to be full of health & energy. My body kept giving me signs, but I wasn’t listening! I also worked heavy hours & had no work-life balance. I didn’t know how to handle stress well, at all.

I bashed my belly & played games with food

I wasn’t very comfortable with my weight & body image. I always hated my belly and other things about my body. I was eating “healthy” so I could reward myself with tastier and even junkier foods. I ate loads of stuff that was supposed to be healthy because I read it somewhere. But desserts were all I could think about! Let’s just say that I wasn’t in a healthy relationship with food. And nothing I was eating was good for my body!

Alas, the issues drifted!

Throughout my studies, I was able to overcome all of my health problems. I also finally learned to have peace in my life. Body image issues melted away, even after two kids. I feel much better and more energetic than I did even 15 years ago.




Now I’m addicted to being healthy, happy, and more at peace. I believe everyone can get their health up, one step at a time. What often happens after clients finish the program is that they also become addicted to how the right food  for their body makes them feel so much better. That’s more powerful than a temporary diet.


  • Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified in Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics
  • Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
  • Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner & Meditation Coach