Helping others to live  in a healthy, happy, (and also an efficient :)) way is my true passion!

In my 20’s, I felt like I was 80!

Pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, severe allergies, sinuses, adrenal burn-out, anxiety, anemia, fainting episodes, IBS, & herniated discs were some of the issues I had. Ugggh, I thought the 20’s were supposed to be full of health & energy. My body kept giving me signs, but I wasn’t listening! I also worked heavy hours & had no work-life balance. I didn’t know how to handle stress well, at all.

I bashed my belly & played games with food

I wasn’t very comfortable with my weight & body image. I always hated my belly and other things about my body. I was eating “healthy” so I could reward myself with tastier and even junkier foods. I ate loads of stuff that was supposed to be healthy because I read it online or on the package. However, desserts were all I could think about! Let’s just say that I wasn’t in a healthy relationship. And nothing I was eating was good for my body!

Alas, the issues drifted!

Throughout my studies. which you’ll read below, I was able to overcome all of my health problems (well, except herniated disc lower back pain that comes & goes, but I’m still working on this). I also finally learned to have peace in my life. Body image issues melted away, even after two kids. I feel much better and more energetic than I did even 15 years ago (yes, in 2004).

Now I’m addicted to being healthy, happy, and more at peace. I believe everyone can get their health up, one step at a time. No you don’t have to become addicted to health, but definitely addicted to how the right food for your body can make you feel so much better. You can healthup in an easy way!

My Education & Experience: 4 pillars of Preventative Health

I started on a quest to improve my health and create more balance in my life. I moved from the Pharmaceutical Industry into Nutrition & Preventative Health, becoming a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York, where I was trained in more than 150 dietary theories, the relationship between the mind and body, and studied a variety of practical nutrition & lifestyle coaching methods. 2013 & 2014 was life changing for me.

Now, I get people’s health up quickly in my flagship Health Revitalization 6 week program.  You will be able to sort through your eating so you’re feeling healthier, stronger, energetic, and better in front of that mirror!

As I love to bring so much value to you, I continue to study top nutritional science, motivational & mind-body techniques that help in the 4 pillars of preventative health: nutrition, stress reduction, good sleep, & movement. Each time we make one of these healthy decisions, we are literally changing our gene expression, by the second!

Nutrigenomics – Changing your Genes!

I am accredited at the Institute of Clinical Nutrigenomics. This study helps people understand how their gene expression & disease risks can be changed by certain nutrients & lifestyle changes.

What does that mean? E.g. people with certain genes who take fish oil will reduce inflammation, whereas others taking fish oil will not receive the same benefits. One of many examples.

It also covers how each person processes certain nutrients. For example, caffeine is a health risk for some and not for others. Salt increases blood pressure for 50% of the population. Not everyone needs to watch their salt.

All of this allows people to have personalized nutritional & lifestyle recommendations based on their genetic profile.

Getting your DNA tested is the best starting place, because you’ll know where to focus. Maybe you’ve got symptoms and want to look at a more root cause approach. OR you’re simply just interested to learn the best way for you to enhance your health & live longer, there’s more info here.



Because I love science, I didn’t believe any woo-woo stuff until I heavily researched quantum physics & understood the concepts. Plus, I saw firsthand how well it works. Quickly too!  Our minds have more power than we know.

There are so many techniques to reprogram the mind to think in a better way that you can benefit from in my coaching programs. For example, I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, using a scientifically proven approach, involving acupressure points & psychology of healing to eliminate negative emotions. I’ll pull out the right tool at the right time for you.

I teach HypnoBirthing ®, a childbirth education course with special tools on how a mama can achieve a natural un-medicated birth in a relaxed way using hypnotherapy. Yes, it’s very possible. It also eases a ton of fears during pregnancy! The mind-body connection continues to amaze me each day. If you’re interested in enhanching your thought patterns, click below.

Wherever you are, we can chat on skype/phone calls… or in person if you are in Mauritius. Click below to get started.

Karin Joyce

Over the last 10 weeks I have lost 10lbs, felt far more energetic and strong and my sleep has progressed! After working with Lindsay to learn more about making better choices, listening to my body, moving more and taking action to improve my sleep, I am now feeling massively better.

- Karin Joyce
Olivia Pougnet

Lindsay treats each and every client as though you are her one and only client. The  DNA report is something that I will have to keep for a lifetime and always go back on it to guide me with health issues. It has helped me know more about me and my body and how to protect it in the long run.

- Olivia Pougnet
Roshni Radhakrishnan

The DNA analysis is the best thing I have done for our family. We found immense betterment to our health. My 5 year old son is even getting the right guidance.

I have also benefited a lot with the 6 week program. We got to root causes of my problems. Lindsay is very motivating towards making the right choices, highly inspiring and motivational.

- Roshni Radhakrishnan
Nico Kerambrun

The DNA test with nutrigenomics recommendations are a life bible! Eye opening. Science for your family future accessible today. It’s a shame not to have it if you can afford it. It’s particularly meaningful when you do it for the family! We use it as a powerful tool to adapt our weekly shopping. Thanks Lindsay for bringing it to us!

- Nico Kerambrun

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