Life is not just sunshine and rainbows.

Do those super positive people just really irritate you? I know, I might be one of those sometimes🙈

Sometimes positivity feels too far away. One of my clients mentioned that my Mom Zen Meditation helped her, but a few months prior, she would’ve “angrily resented not finding peace yet”. She suggested the subject line for my next meditation.

Voila! I created it. And, it’s my best one yet!

The Sometimes You’re F*cked Meditation 

The intention is NOT to get you to positivity. It’s to allow you to fully feel your heavy emotions, without shame. 

Parental advisory: a couple of explicit lyrics are part of my spicy gift to you 😊

Save the meditation link somewhere so that you can easily find it when you need it! And let me know how it was for you.

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