Mind Body Reset

Mind Body Reset for Busy People! 

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Need more energy to do it all?

Fulfilment, Peace of Mind, Confidence, Weight optimization, and increased Health Span are side effects.

For high performers & busy people (often moms)

Overcome weight challenges, sleep disturbances, negative emotions, genetic vulnerabilities, and hormonal disruptions.

Get more specific guidance, answers, and practical tools to rise above each of your physical & emotional tendencies, to optimize your genes, health, weight, & happiness.

Benefit from a holistic approach: strengthening gut health, sleep Hypnotherapy, balancing hormones, intuitive eating coaching, and releasing stress, enhancing relationships, and DNA testing (optional).

What’s Included in the Mind Body Reset Program?

Turn on Your Good Genes

Know where to focus on health because you will learn the root cause of health issues, genetic vulnerabilities, & how best to optimize gene expression

Nutritious Movement

Feel more confident about movement & exercise

Optimize Hormones

Understand the root cause of your hormonal issues & how to optimize them

Strengthen Relationships

Learn to like your partner again, or reduce the anger towards your kids

Enhance Career

Increase focus, solve issues more seamlessly, and speed up your development in the workplace

Sustain Nutrition (yep, not just a phase) & Intuitive Eating

  • Connect with how healthy foods make you feel without feeling forced to change (no calorie counting, diets, apps needed)
  • Emotional Eating Freedom: get in a better relationship with food, separating stress from food
  • Learn the nutritional secrets to be healthier & more balanced
  • Become empowered to know what’s in your food, which type of eating suits you best for weight optimization
  • Receive simple and practical tips to enhance each meal, including recipes
  • Mindful Eating: make any meal more enjoyable and get into the present moment
  • Stick with your new healthy habits, finally! Using brain rewiring techniques
  • Body Image Enhancement: become confident in body & skin
  • Meal Planning: feel more organized, save time, & money. Remove planning & prepping stress

Enrich Your Sleep

Get to the root cause of sleep issues & sleep more soundly without any pills, essential oils, & even without a meditation after a few days

Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Anger

Take greater control of emotions, frustrations, concerns, and uncertainties via the Emotional Freedom Technique and discussions

Meditation: finally learn to quiet your mind, even if you think you’re not the “meditating” type. Or deepen your meditation

Bonuses: Simply Sleep Program

*DNA test additional cost

*Hormonal test additional cost

You’ll get

  • Support in between sessions, if needed
  • Simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
  • Healthy recipes that are easy to prepare, and actually taste good. Even if you don’t like vegetables.
  • Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you deserve
  • My personal commitment to your health and success
Bronwyn Knight

Coming from a separation from my ex husband, I was trying to find myself, the person I had lost, not only over my marriage, but over my entire life.

I was filling up voids and decided to enter my first marathon. My belief was that this was going to be my silver bullet. I was completely wrong.

I was exhausted. My diet was wrong. I was over working myself, and not sleeping – I needed a health nutritionist.

I met Lindsay in February 2020 ready for a meal plan…. I walked out with a life plan and 2 years later I still see her twice a month (my sacred time).

Lindsay taught me to go very deep to get everything in balance (emotional/spiritual/relational state) before you can work on your body.

The honesty of our sessions, the practical advice (that often just got me through the week), the lifelong solutions to make the changes for the long term were at the heart of her sessions.

- Bronwyn Knight
Alexis Botes

The Mind-Body Reset Program is the best thing I’ve ever done! It’s hard for me to believe I lost 7kg in 3 months without suffering.

It’s been a great journey. I’m so glad I didn’t do another fad diet in desperation to lose quickly. Since I’ve been working with Lindsay, my headaches disappeared so I don’t have to take the pain meds I was regularly taking.

I feel much more at peace. I’m less sensitive and more confident. At work, I have more mental clarity, and I’m more effective.

This will set me up for life. There is no going back. If I go off the rail, it’s never longer than a day or two because my body tells me. I just didn’t know how to listen to it before. Lindsay, thank you for your support and guidance along the way. You are an amazing person and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.

- Alexis Botes
Karin Joyce

Over the last 10 weeks I have lost 10lbs, felt far more energetic and strong and my sleep has progressed! After working with Lindsay to learn more about making better choices, listening to my body, moving more and taking action to improve my sleep, I am now feeling massively better.

- Karin Joyce
Romi Diamond

When I started with Lindsay, I was struggling with issues of high blood pressure, high insulin and glucose levels.

Within 8 weeks on the Mind Body Reset program, doing a complete lifestyle change, all those high markers went to normal levels.

I haven’t felt this good and healthy for a very long time.

Since I started with her several months ago, I lost 11 kilos. There is still some distance to go, to the ultimate goal but Lindsay has armed me with all the tools I need to get there.

- Romi Diamond
Olivia Pougnet

Lindsay treats each and every client as though you are her one and only client. The  DNA report is something that I will have to keep for a lifetime and always go back on it to guide me with health issues. It has helped me know more about me and my body and how to protect it in the long run.

- Olivia Pougnet
Luana Barros

The appointments are very different from what I expected and the approach was amazing!

Instead of forcing a diet, I actually learned on how to like and feel the benefits of healthy food better! Of course that I still allow myself some treats, but I never thought I would actually crave salads and vegetables!!

Great recipes and different techniques. A mix of science, nutrition, psychology and coaching in the right amount! I definitely recommend if you want to see the food you eat in a completely different perspective!

- Luana Barros
Nico Kerambrun

The DNA test with nutrigenomics recommendations are a life bible! Eye opening. Science for your family future accessible today. It’s a shame not to have it if you can afford it. It’s particularly meaningful when you do it for the family! We use it as a powerful tool to adapt our weekly shopping. Thanks Lindsay for bringing it to us!

- Nico Kerambrun
Roshni Radhakrishnan

The DNA analysis is the best thing I have done for our family.

We found immense betterment to our health.

My 5 year old son is even getting the right guidance. I have also benefited a lot with Lindsay’s program.

We got to root causes of my problems.

Lindsay is very motivating towards making the right choices, highly inspiring and motivational.

- Roshni Radhakrishnan
Caroline Dufour

I like the new me! I would definitely recommend the Mind Body Reset program. Very powerful.

The energy of Lindsay is prodigious and forthcoming. I achieved my goal……which I thought I would never reach. Every session was very fruitful.

The food journal was really helpful for me in order to understand what I was eating and how much. It also stimulated me to improve my eating habits. The acupressure points technique is very powerful and helped me to soothe myself deeply.

The program is not only about knowing the right food for your body but also to find the way to a treasure….: yourself!

- Caroline Dufour
Elisabetta Gujadhur

When I started the program with Lindsay (July 2020), my general wellbeing was completely compromised since at least 6 months. I suffered from acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, constipation, lack of sleep, lack of energy, etc.

I immediately felt at ease with Lindsay. She’s a real professional, very knowledgeable, gentle and empathic person; with her I felt free to share all my concerns. With her guidance I have been able to improve all issues above in my health, reduce stress and start having a good/restorative night’s sleep.

I would recommend Lindsay to anyone is struggling/suffering because of any food related concern, but also to anyone is looking for help to boost his/her self esteem, manage stress, mindfulness, enhance relationships and much more.

- Elisabetta Gujadhur

What Will Change For You?

Energy will come your way!

You’ll wake up, ready to take on the day as if you’ve had the most refreshing night of sleep, you’ve had in years.

You’ll no longer be yawning or pushing yourself with coffee to get through certain activities with ease.

Your exercises will be easier, as if you’re in college again! You’ll be pumped to go through your day!

Enhance your Nutrition & get in a Better Relationship with Food

  • Balance your nutrient deficiencies, mainly with your food. You’ll know the right supplements to take for your body, if food doesn’t cut it for you. You’ll go to the bathroom regularly again within the first few days of this program.
  • You’ll reduce or even eliminate stomach issues and headaches by the end of this program… or before. You won’t need to take tablets for these anymore!
  • You literally will not crave unhealthy foods as much. You’ll be more clear on the foods that don’t fit your body. And, you’ll actually become addicted to how the good foods make you feel – yes, it’s true! You’ll get the full pleasure out of food, where you’re enjoying each bite of food, as if it’s a new exciting experience.
  • Your dark circles will go away. Your color will improve. You will get more and more compliments that you look healthy and happy!
  • You’ll receive recipes that you and your family will love through-out the 3 months, and a way to integrate them so you’re not thinking about what you’re going to cook each day, nor have to go to the store all of the time because of that one ingredient!

Sleep like a Bear!

You’ll have less or even no wake-ups. If you do wake up, you’ll be able to switch off your brain and go right back to sleep.

You’ll fall asleep with ease, and wake up feeling like you had the right amount of sleep for your body, as you’ll be refreshed!

Optimize your health based on your DNA

Understand your body as if you were given an instruction manual on what foods, lifestyle, and supplement choices are the best for you.

Know what’s needed for your body to feel great, so that you live longer, and reduce disease risk.

You won’t likely suffer the same health issues as those in your family because you know your DNA and how to turn on the good genes.

Optimize Stress – Get Rid of Overwhelm, Reduce Burnout

  • Learn how to unplug, so you’re not thinking about your to-do’s at odd hours or in the middle of the night. Be completely present with your kids and partner without checking your phone every few minutes.
  • Enjoy just listening to music again, as if you have all of the time in the world, but still getting things done in other parts of the day, so that you’re focused.
  • Prioritize what’s important for you in a way that you can actually say, “I feel balanced”. You can live this daily. Not just on a vacation day.
  • You’ll find the type of meditation that works for you, so you can wind down. I love converting skeptics on those who don’t think they can meditate – I was one of those!

Optimize Stress – Reduce Anger

Handle kids without yelling at them. No more regrets on overreacting.

Remain calm & empowered when you get cut off on the road, when someone is slow or not using their brain, or not aligned with your thinking.


Kindly note: if you need to cancel/reschedule our appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the appointment will be forfeited and unable to be rescheduled. Thanks for your understanding.

As many people want to start the program in advance, there is a 2,000 Rs / $69  non-refundable deposit due to book your weekly slot in the schedule. This is applied towards the monthly program free, so it is not an extra cost.

The program has an extension period valid for up to 4 weeks after the date that the program was initially supposed to end. E.g. If the program is supposed to end by 1-Apr, the last session must be used by 1-May.