Mom Zen Meditation

Mom Zen Meditation

mon zen meditation by Lindsay Kassem HelathUp

When they say “enjoy every moment because it’ll go by quickly”, they forgot about the tough moments!

Enjoy this little 5 minute meditation to get you through those tough moments!

In surveys, most kids say that they wish their mom wasn’t as stressed. This meditation will help you feel more balanced, in control and more relaxed.

Lindsay Kassem mom zen meditation

What some moms have already said…

“I really needed this meditation. The kids have been sick and very demanding these last days….
Many thanks for the gift.🙏🏻

“I listened to the zen mom meditation.  Very zen… very relaxing. I liked…. the repeat of the word peace. In the aura of the meditation,  repeating the word peace is very powerful because it immediately invokes a sense of peace and stability which I think is needed when you are rushed/stressed and need to just put your feet back on the ground and keep still for a minute.”

“This meditation made me realize how essential it is to take time to myself!”