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Health Revitalization - 6 week program
Health Revitalization

Individualized road map to enhancing your energy, feeling much healthier than before, feeling more confident in your body, correcting specific health concerns, losing weight (or setting the groundwork for losing weight*), enhancing your energy and finally getting peace of mind with food!

  • 1st 75 minute initial consultation @ Week 1
  • Three 45 minute program consultations
    • 2nd session @ Week 2
    • 3rd session @ Week 4
    • 4th session @ Week 6

  • Support in between sessions
  • Simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
  • Healthy recipes that are easy to prepare, and actually taste good. Even if you don’t like vegetables.
  • Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you deserve
  • My personal commitment to your health and success

We’ll meet in person or by phone/skype. Payable up front. Many prefer phone consultations as it has been easier to schedule and reduces travel time. If for any reason you are not satisfied after your first session, you will receive a prorated refund! If you are interested to jump start your health improvements & health up today, you can contact me here.

*Note, weight loss is often achieved in this 6 week program, but success depends on genes, current way of eating, and any existing medical conditions.

You can easily lose weight in a week on a strict diet, but the statistics show the quicker the weight loss, the higher the likelihood that you’ll rebel or rebound. That’s not the goal here! Higher long term success with weight loss is achieved in the 6 months program.

This 6 weeks program is aimed to set up a healthy baseline that you enjoy and makes you feel good. Some lose weight in this way (depending on how they were eating before) and some maintain weight.

However, now that this is your new baseline, if you add in a more strict way of eating to lose weight, and you rebel, stop or finish, you’ll not go back to your old ways, but to this healthy baseline. Much better than where you were before. I can support you in this next phase if it suits you.

This program is for you if you’re ready for a change!

Rs 11,500

In person

Rs 9,500 / $279 / £209

By phone or Skype
Transforming Health Journey - 6 months program
Transforming Health Journey

You will receive everything that’s included in the Health Revitalization 6 week program.  We also do a deep dive into the root of all. It could be losing weight & keeping it off, or transforming your relationship with food, with yourself, and with others.

After this program, you will nearly become a health coach for yourself & your loved ones! You will also see how much you’ve grown on a personal level. This is the solid feedback I receive from the program.

Each person/group having done this program has gone a slightly different route with all of the options available.  We will find the route that best fits you.

What can be of interest is that some clients like to take a trip to their pantry/kitchen or even the grocery store to know what to look for in ingredients, best brands, etc.  Also, I offer cooking sessions, etc.  You will become an expert at healthy living and likely a go-to person for how to improve your health & life. On the other end of the spectrum, many women have found some of the mind-body techniques we go through have revamped their marriage!

I always say that I’m not a psychologist, so we don’t dig through painful history, but instead use  lifestyle coaching techniques that are powerful and quite efficient! As an example, many women are sending me feedback how much their relationships have improved. This has an impact on your overall health!

These sessions are held twice per month. If for any reason you are not satisfied after your first session, you will receive a prorated refund! If you are interested to totally transform your health & health up today, you can contact me here.

Rs 5,700

per month in person

Rs 4,500 / $135 / £99

per month by phone or skype
Express Personalized Nutrition
Need a more affordable quicker way to health? Zoom in on your health in a matter of minutes.

Get personalized nutrition recommendations by video! Typical goals have been losing weight, getting pregnant, getting healthier, reducing gastrointestinal issues, headache, fatigue, improving blood sugar/ diabetes, sneaky ways to get kids to eat healthy, and many more.

Whatever it is, I will be able to zoom in on your health and give you quick tips specifically for you. I will send you the most relevant recommendations for you to revamp your health in a video response.

No worrying about scheduling a session or coming to see me. It comes to your inbox and is tailored to your needs!

Kindly fill out the express form here, transfer to MCB 000162743491, and you’ll get your recommendations from me within 48 hours or even sooner!

Rs 1,000 / $29 / £22

Customized Meal Plan
Customized Meal Plan (includes 1 consultation)

Don’t want a full series of coaching, but just want a 7 day meal plan that caters to your health goals,  symptoms, and preferences? We will have one consultation after you fill out the health history form. Following this, I will craft an individualized meal plan including different breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options to fit you and your family’s needs.

Rs 5,700 / $167 / £125

Group Health Coaching

Click here for the Health & Vitality Masterclass.

Other group programs customized for your group’s specific needs. Please contact me if you are interested at or +230 5919-4770

+230 5919-4770

Speaking Engagements

I cover a variety of topics such as Eating Healthy in Mauritius, to Losing Weight without Dieting, the Mind Body Connection, Diabetes Prevention, What DNA can tell you that traditional Dietary Advice can’t, Healthy Snack Meals & Demonstration, and more. I am happy to consider other topics upon request! 45 minute public speaking engagements are 5,000 Rs. Please contact me if you are interested at or +230 5919-4770

Rs 5,000

45 Minutes

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