Sauna has the same benefits as exercise

If you’re like me, I always thought of the sauna as BOOOOring.

Now, after seeing the below, If I’m ever having a lazy day and don’t feel like exercising, I know what I will try. If all fails, what gets equivalent results is sweating in a hot bath or shower for 20 minutes.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a renowned PhD specializing in anti-aging & optimal health gives a compelling speech on research of the many benefits of the sauna. Summarizing the best points below:

  • Just like exercise, the sauna lowers blood pressure, improves heart rate, creates more endorphins & better moods, betters joint health, decreases likelihood of developing heart disease & Alzheimer’s, and lengthens life. Detoxifies too
  • 20 minutes is the golden amount of time. Start with a few minutes & work your way up slowly.The more times per week you do it, the better the results
  • Reduces inflammation (especially if genetically prone to higher inflammation, which you can find out in a dna test)
  • Re-hydrate after using the sauna. Don’t mix w/alcohol. Don’t use if have low blood pressure, recent heart attack or heart events, or if you’re pregnant. Check with your doctor.

If you don’t have access to a sauna, steam showers & hot baths have a similar effect!

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I’m so glad you took a moment to enlighten yourself on something healthy for you.

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