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I would describe Lindsay as a supportive and helpful coach who uses a friendly approach towards her clients.  There were moments where I was overwhelmed by the events and felt that the goals were hard to attain. Lindsay has always been able to motivate me and uphold a positive atmosphere so as to reach every goal that I set to achieve successfully. After the sessions with Lindsay, the most significant change is my level of self-confidence. I would strongly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for a supportive coach to guide them to a healthy lifestyle.

– Meeta, Mauritius

Lindsay was able to help us work towards our goals by adopting a holistic approach to lose weight instead of an extreme diet, showing us how to control our portions easily, and providing us some easy but very healthy recipes, giving us techniques to combat stress which really helped us a lot in losing weight.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been to lose 7 kilos in the 6 months which was previously believed impossible due to our busy and stressed lifestyle. We had to buy new clothes as the previous ones had become too loose.

She does not only show you the right type of food to consume but also helps you in other ways how to feel healthier for the long term, very interactive and helps on problems you shared with her.

– Yash & Natasha, Mauritius

I wanted to report something that I believe was a result of our session. Upon arriving at the grocery store the afternoon of our session, I realized I had the thought, ” I can do anything!” It came out of nowhere and was an uncustomary thought, which I attribute to our session. Your questioning and then connecting the umbrella issues of my answers create a powerful conversation that WOW me each time and leave me feeling hopeful and empowered. Lindsay, until next time thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Randi, Pennsylvania

Lindsay est une personne très attentive qui au delà des conseils liés à l alimentation vous apporte une vraie philosophie, des conseils psychologiques qui complètent les bienfaits d une alimentation saine. Lindsay explique parfaitement que la nutrition n est pas quelque chose qui répond à des règles très strictes, “bon” / “pas bon”, elle dépend de chacun, sa morphologie, ses envies, ses capacités, son état d esprit. Je n ai pas supprimé d ingrédients dans mon alimentation, j apprends à mieux les connaître et les consommer. Lindsay connaît exactement la qualité des produits que l on trouve sur le marche mauricien, elle vous donne de précieux conseils sur la qualité des produits que l on trouve en supermarché, viandes, fruit et légumes. Elle vous épargne de vous empoisonner pour au contraire consommer les bons produits mauriciens plutôt que les produits de grande distribution riche en graisses malsaines et qui n ont pas de valeur nutritive et qui peuvent être dangereux pour la santé. Je augmentation de la masse musculaire et diminuer la masse graisseuse.

– Benoit, Mauritius