Lindsay Kassem – Nutrigenomics Counselor & Health Coach


Health can be overwhelming. Diets, food plans, conflicting info, abound with nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, psychologists, doctors, as well as programs claiming to solve all of your problems instantly.

Being healthy for the long run and feeling good daily isn’t that simple.

Don’t wait for a health scare. It’s time to prioritize YOU. We’ll rise above your DNA and get to the root cause, enhancing your nutrition, sleep, weight, stress, emotions, and relationships.

I use scientifically proven techniques like DNA & hormone testing, nutritional science, Emotional Freedom Technique, hypnotherapy, and meditation.

“If you want results, you’ll never change. If you want change, you’ll get results” – Jack Dixon. Sign up to receive my free mini course. Master the ability to change as a foundation to enhancing your health and happiness!

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No diets. No deprivation.
Simply eat better.

You don't have to eat only lettuce to lose weight

Unlike diets, you'll stick to being healthy

Don't suffer from the same
health issues as your parents

Learn your genetic vulnerabilities & how to compensate for them with diet & lifestyle

Lose the negative emotions.
Yep, kill anything bugging you

It's not just about food

Improving how you think can drastically change your health & happiness. It's not about digging deep. It's not about suppressing. It's about really letting go.

Lose headaches,
stomach pain & allergies

Get to the root cause of some of your health issues, and reduce your symptoms

Learn to crave greens
more than chips. Seriously

You'll be addicted to how healthy food makes you feel

And I don't mean boring steamed vegetables

Smile when you
look in the mirror

Feel confident inside and out.
And look amazing in your jeans!

Finally sleep &
get your energy back

Wake up ready & excited to take on the day