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Enhance your eating habits, mindset, and influence your genes in a way that's better, smarter, tailored, & more efficient so you can feel more fit, healthier, younger, happier, free in your mind & body, and more at peace!

Have you…tried multiple diets and nothing works? Want to stop worrying if you’re eating right?
Want to wake up feeling energized & young again? Want to sleep better?
Want to live a long healthy & vibrant life? Want to be more at peace? You’re in the right place.

You will feel more liberated in controlling your health, and your mind. No, that’s not a paradox.
You can absolutely manage your health in an easier way. It will feel freeing! …And not like control at all.

You may have received a diet plan that either didn’t work or you didn’t like. You may want support on how to feel comfortable & confident in your body.  You may want to fix a specific health issue before it gets worse.
You may want to simply have a good night’s sleep or move through your day freely.

You will learn what’s healthy based on the most recent science, and also found in many studies, not just one study.
However, this is not enough. You will learn a more important technique on how to listen to what YOUR body needs and wants! Intuitive eating.

If you’re stressed, we’ll get to the right technique to reduce negative emotions, that’s easier & more efficient than the psychology route.

Whatever it is, get your health up today. 🙂


Health Coaching

As a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, you will feel supported. I will partner with you to enable you to achieve your health goals such as losing weight & belly fat, correcting a specific health concern, improving sleep, enhancing sports performance, reducing fatigue, allergies, and cravings, as well as reducing stress and becoming more at peace. My experience in nutrition, training with most of the popular diets, along with lifestyle coaching methods & stress reduction techniques will set the tone for you to feel good in your body and your mind. No more feeling overwhelmed about what’s right and where to start, especially with conflicting information around.


DNA – Nutrigenomics Counseling

We can also make it even easier for you to navigate your health by looking at your DNA. Take the guess work out! A comprehensive report will give you the blueprint of how your body functions, your susceptibility to certain diseases, and how you can influence your genes (yes, you can have an impact!). It will also tell you which foods suit you best and helps you pinpoint the right place to focus on your health. Scientifically bespoke!

Customized for You to get your
Health Up!

When the same diet is given to 10 different people, each will have a different result. We all have a unique combination of genes, bodily function, metabolism, circumstances, and a psyche that will act a certain way depending on how we fuel them. There is no exact formula that will work for all to attain their optimal health. I will help you to know what to eat and lifestyle choices that best support your specific needs. You will also be able to truly achieve your goals for your health & life.

Many dietitians and nutritionists focus on things like calories and fat grams. It works for some, but it isn’t practical. You will learn how to WANT the foods that are good for you. In fact, most clients love their new way of eating because they become addicted to how good great food & other lifestyle changes makes them feel.

With the coaching style used, it doesn’t feel like a diet at all, but a beautiful new way to living. You won’t receive a list of restricted and non-restricted foods, but ways to integrate healthier living at your pace. You will feel that you can live each day in a healthy way that is EASY. It’s flexible. It’s fun. It feels good. Together, we will remove the frustration, guilt, denial, and struggle so you can freely eat well, enjoy it, feel good, and move towards your ideal healthy state & weight.

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Karin Joyce

Over the last 10 weeks I have lost 10lbs, felt far more energetic and strong and my sleep has progressed from poor to good most nights! After working with Lindsay to learn more about making better choices, listening to my body, moving more and taking action to improve my sleep, I am now feeling massively better.

- Karin Joyce
Olivia Pougnet

Lindsay treats each and every client as though you are her one and only client.

- Olivia Pougnet
Roshni Radhakrishnan

Dna analysis is one of the best gifts you could give yourself and your loved ones

- Roshni Radhakrishnan
Mary Tan Yan

I definitely recommend this DNA test if you want to protect your health.

- Mary Tan Yan

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