Lindsay Kassem

Nutrigenomics Counselor & Health Coach

Lindsay Kassem Health Coach

Health can be overwhelming. Diets, food plans, genes, conflicting nutritional info, abound with nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, psychologists, doctors, and programs claiming to solve all of your problems instantly.

Being healthy for the long run and feeling good daily, even when life happens, isn’t that simple.

I consistently research across several disciplines and know how to connect the many dots. I will be your guide to not only filtering out the noise, but feeling better. Physically and emotionally.

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No diets. No deprivation.
Simply eat better.

You don't have to eat only lettuce to lose weight

Unlike diets, you'll stick to being healthy

Don't suffer from the same
health issues as your parents

Learn your genetic vulnerabilities & how to compensate for them with diet & lifestyle

Lose the negative emotions.
Yep, kill anything bugging you

It's not just about food

Improving how you think can drastically change your health & happiness. It's not about digging deep. It's not about suppressing. It's about really letting go.

Lose headaches,
stomach pain & allergies

Get to the root cause of some of your health issues, and reduce your symptoms

Learn to crave greens
more than chips. Seriously

You'll be addicted to how healthy food makes you feel

And I don't mean boring steamed vegetables

Smile when you
look in the mirror

Feel confident inside and out.
And look amazing in your jeans!

Finally sleep &
get your energy back

Wake up ready & excited to take on the day

Karin Joyce

Over the last 10 weeks I have lost 10lbs, felt far more energetic and strong and my sleep has progressed! After working with Lindsay to learn more about making better choices, listening to my body, moving more and taking action to improve my sleep, I am now feeling massively better.

- Karin Joyce
Olivia Pougnet

Lindsay treats each and every client as though you are her one and only client. The  DNA report is something that I will have to keep for a lifetime and always go back on it to guide me with health issues. It has helped me know more about me and my body and how to protect it in the long run.

- Olivia Pougnet
Roshni Radhakrishnan

The DNA analysis is the best thing I have done for our family. We found immense betterment to our health. My 5 year old son is even getting the right guidance.

I have also benefited a lot with the 6 week program. We got to root causes of my problems. Lindsay is very motivating towards making the right choices, highly inspiring and motivational.

- Roshni Radhakrishnan
Nico Kerambrun

The DNA test with nutrigenomics recommendations are a life bible! Eye opening. Science for your family future accessible today. It’s a shame not to have it if you can afford it. It’s particularly meaningful when you do it for the family! We use it as a powerful tool to adapt our weekly shopping. Thanks Lindsay for bringing it to us!

- Nico Kerambrun