Fasting for Vitality Group Masterclass & Coaching

Fasting for Vitality Group Masterclass & Coaching

8 Week  Online Program

Lead by General Practitioner, Dr. Karen Hartzenberg and Nutrigenomics Counselor & Health Coach, Lindsay Kassem

You will

  • Be able to tailor intermittent fasting to YOUR body – get the benefits you want & adapt fasting to your lifestyle.
  • Get support and motivation from the rest of the group.
  • Ease into it without shocking the body.
  • Receive guidance from a doctor and a coach to support you along the way, during the sessions and in between!
  • Know what’s studied and recommended in terms of what you can do during a fast while keeping the benefits.

Who is it for?   If you…

  • want a better way to lose weight
  • are confused with conflicting intermittent fasting info & science
  • are new to fasting or need more info
  • want support and medical guidance through your fasting journey
  • have plateaued with weight and health and need a better tool
  • want to improve insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOS, obesity, lipid profiles, blood pressure, or inflammation
  • desire to improve relationship with food
  • don’t want to lose weight, but still reap the benefits


Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Burn Fat

Enhance Energy

Reduce Inflammation. Reduce Oxidation. Reduce Disease Risk


Testimonials from the previous Fasting Course!
Monique Coombes

I have lost a lot of weight. I have increased energy and mental sharpness. I’ve begun exercising for enjoyment for the first time in my life! I’ve also begun to prioritize my health and happiness more than I ever have.

This course is for anyone not sure about IF and its benefits, someone who has tried every diet under the sun (me!), or someone who is trying to restore their ‘factory settings’.

[2 mos post course finish]: I’ve lost 13kg so far and fitter than ever! Exercising daily and in a very good space health-wise. Thanks to you and Karen for helping me get to this point!

- Monique Coombes
Niamh Allen

This course enabled me to lose weight, feel good about what I eat, and feel a lot more positive.

I liked all of the topics from the sessions. Being in a group really helped as I didn’t feel alone.

[2 weeks after course finished]: I am delighted to report that I have finally managed a 24 hr fast 😉 No problem at all !!

- Niamh Allen
Sharla Faragher

I would recommend this course as there is a lot of support, which has been very inspiring and makes fasting much easier!

- Sharla Faragher
Kate Ingamells

I improved my body shape, lost a small amount of weight, and feel more vibrant.

I enjoyed the group ethic and supportive environment. The nature of the course lead to some great discussions.

The course gives you the information to be able to make better health choices and have the knowledge to discover if fasting is for you. Otherwise, it’s difficult to make a decision without the support and guidance of the experts onboard.

- Kate Ingamells
Olivia Bathfield

My tendonitis improved after fasting!

The group dynamic helped because you have to commit when you’re in a group.

- Olivia Bathfield
Prefers to Remain Anonymous

Since I’ve been fasting, my skin cleared up. I also lost weight (although this did take time to start).

The course is factual and informative. I love that we were “built up” to do longer fasts.

I really hope you do more as I definitely think it’s been amazingly helpful for me, a fasting newbie.

- Prefers to Remain Anonymous
Fabien Houdet

Since I’ve been fasting, I’m more focused and productive. I have more energy and my recovery was faster.

I would recommend this course as I think everyone needs to give it a shot. It did teach me that I do not need to consume food the way I was!

- Fabien Houdet
Michelle Carney

Weight loss is still improving. I’m healing in a healthy way.

I would recommend this course as fasting is popular now but many are doing incorrectly – you both stabilized the science behind it to get the most out of the fast.

- Michelle Carney
Annsha Puddoo

From taking this course, I have lost weight and I make more conscious decisions when shopping!

- Annsha Puddoo
Susan Bickel

I used to crash at 3pm. Now, I have energy all day. I feel better, and I easily lost weight. It is now easier to plan what and how to eat.

I learned a lot. If someone is interested in improving their health and supporting autophagy, this was a great resource. And to lose weight. You two did a great job covering all the bases.

- Susan Bickel
Intermittent fasting is a powerful ‘lifestyle hack’: A tool that not only helps with weight loss but has additional benefits like reduced inflammation, improved immune function, and hormone balance. I’ve seen patients with diabetes reduce or even stop their medications. When done right, intermittent fasting can be life-changing. -Dr.Karen
As I’ve always advocated health in moderation, I used to be against fasting as I believed it was extreme. But as the studies show …and from working with many people, they benefit from a moderate approach and see a remarkable shift with sustained weight loss, improved energy, mental clarity, and other biomarkers.
It’s also an advanced lifestyle tool for optimal health. You can even modify it so you don’t lose weight.  – Lindsay Kassem

You Can Start Anytime!

  • Get access to each of the 8 week’s modules (access for one year). Approximately 45 minutes of content each week.
  • 5,900Rs or $149
  • As we’ve run this course live a few times, you’ll have access to see the previous weekly coaching calls/Q&A sessions.
  • If you need individualized support, feel free send a couple questions in an email each week to Dr. Karen or me.
  • If you’re interested to start today, please email

A preview of the course

  • You will  be guided through progressively longer fasts to achieve a full 24-hour fast at the end of 8 weeks
  • Understand which types of fast has which benefits
  • How to tailor the timing of your fast based on your body?
  • What’s recommended during a fast. What can break a fast?
  • What should you eat?
  • How to eat intuitively so you’re eating the foods right for your body
  • What to drink & when? + Caffeine & Alcohol
  • Exercise & Fasting
  • Challenges, Side effects, Binging, Cravings
  • How to overcome hunger
  • Motivation & Sustainability


  • Having a Positive Body Image
  • Mindful Eating
  • Food shopping tips & how to read a label
  • Extended Fasts
  • Exercise Recommendations by week, recommended by Fabien, Exercise Specialist from the TheCube, Mauritius

Also, join us for our free Intro to Fasting Masterclass on Mon September 6th!

Contact Lindsay if you have any questions