Is it healthier to be vegan?

Many people were convinced after seeing the Game Changers Documentary that it’s best to be vegan. However, there is another side.


This helps you to have a well-rounded view

This links to a recent popular interview of an expert in Functional Medicine, Chris Kresser, who has been a vegan himself, and delved deeply into research over the last several decades. Beware, it’s 3 hours and explicit: On youtube or podcast. More references are given there.


Going vegan feels good. And then, it doesn’t.

I have many clients on all types of diets, including vegan, that come to me who are not feeling at their optimal state.

Many felt great as soon as they became vegan, and then after a while (it can be months or years), their health deteriorated. It’s possible to be a healthy vegan, but it needs much more nuanced intervention. It’s also easier for certain people, depending on their genes.

This is not to persuade or dissuade you from being vegan, but simply to arm you with the right info to make such decisions that have an impact on your health.



Regardless if you’re vegan or not, this is most important.

One thing that the majority of health experts can agree on is the fact that we should be eating more whole plant-based foods (i.e. not processed, packaged, fried, and refined foods).

After all, in the places in the world where people live the longest and have the lowest amount of sickness, i.e. the Blue Zones, 4 out of 5 of these societies have high quality meat in their diet. In small amounts.

The common and most important factor was that they ate local, seasonal foods, and a lot of fruits and vegetables, something that most of us can do a bit more of!

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I’m so glad you took a moment to enlighten yourself on something healthy for you.

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