Masterclass and 21 Day Challenge

What is rewiring?

It’s a 21 day process.  To  completely change your moods, behavior and feel more emotionally regulated. Your brain literally rewires itself!

It’s very efficient too!

You’ll no longer be snapping at your kids. You’ll be calmer, more at peace. More confident. Able to have better and healthier discussions with those around you.

But that’s not all. It’s actually tailored to what you need most. We’ll go through a quick way to determine what types of changes you want to see in your daily mood, and get you set up to make MASSIVE shifts within 21 days.

Not some fluffy promise. It works. It worked my myself and soooo many clients, when they put 5-10 minutes a day in.

As moms, we’re constantly finding ourselves in situations that test our limits and our patience. 
Although we all have a vision of the ideal mother or person we want to be, we often times find ourselves falling short of that.

Moms often tell me they often snap or scream at their children. And regret it afterwards.

It’s hard to sometimes manage tantrums, the fighting, nagging, or endless tears in the way that we want.

They’ll often tell me they regret how they’ve acted or how emotional they’ve become in those moments.

So how do we stop reacting? How do we control our own emotions in testing situations?

Although  we cannot control the behavior of those around us, the one thing we can control is how we respond emotionally and how we feel about ourselves in those situations. 

Introducing, The Rewiring Masterclass and 21 Day Challenge

The Challenge is now closed.

This program is all about understanding your emotional goals and rewiring your brain through the laws of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change).

Our brains are truly so incredible that with each exercise and practice, they fire off new pathways to restructure our responses and the way we react. 

You’ll receive cultivated practical, simple and efficient exercises to integrate into your daily life that will help you to rewire your brain and achieve your emotional goals.

You’ll learn how to practice gratitude, shift your day, rewire your brain, re-visualize your past situations, embrace change, forgive yourself and ultimately find your peace.

Reya Dalia Mama

How do I know? Because this program is based on my own journey.

And many clients, too.

Let me take you back.

A few years ago, I found myself with a 3 year old daughter who had a particular affinity for throwing tantrums.

At the time, I was reacting aggressively and regretting it once the moment had passed. Although, I had been teaching stress management in my work life, I hadn’t been practicing it in my personal life. 

In fact, I realized I had created a conditional bubble of peace. 

Any time a blow would come from the side, whether that was a tantrum from my daughter, or an airport run-in with a hot-tempered security guard, my bubble would burst and I would react.

So I made the active decision that I wanted to be more Peaceful, Patient and Playful. They were my emotional goals for that specific challenge. 

I followed all of the exercises I have created for you in this Masterclass and 21 Day Challenge and the change was truly remarkable. The change in how I reacted to my daughter’s behavior had such a drastic impact that by the end of the 21 days, she had stopped throwing tantrums all together. My energy as a mother had such a powerful impact on my daughter. 

It’s now 2 ½ years later, and although every now and then I might pull out the rewiring sheet for a maintenance day, the change in my inner peace and emotional state has been phenomenal. 

That is why I am so excited to share this journey with you, and to help you achieve your emotional goals, just as I did. 

As a mom, I know that time is sparce and taking on a new challenge or journey can feel overwhelming and unrealistic. I’m with you on that.

That is why I have tailored this challenge to moms. It’s time efficient and effective and only takes 5-10 minutes a day! 

So, if you’ve been reading this, thinking ‘I want to make this change for myself!’, sign up to The Rewiring Masterclass and 21 Day Challenge now! 

How Will The Rewiring Challenge Work?

We’ll kick it off with a live call, and you’ll receive a copy of the recording if you ever need a refresher! 

You’ll also be invited to a Facebook group so that you’re able to share your journey, hear from other people going through the challenge and watch LIVE videos from me, supporting you through the process

I can assure you that by the end of the 21 Day Challenge, you will be more connected to your authentic self and your inner peace. Not only that, but you will be put in the draw to win a FREE coaching session with me!